Day Four at The Gadget Show Live

Photo-call on press day at Gadget Show Live (

It is Day Four of the Gadget Show Live. Our Press Office is in full swing. The exhibitors are excited. They come in and tell us they have to order new stock.

‘It’s like trading at Christmas,’ they say. ‘We are completely sold out.’

Other people are excited too. They come in and ask us for Super Theatre Tickets. They come in and ask us for interviews with the stars. They come in and talk to us and tell us things. Lots of people ask for water. Lots of people need a cup of tea.

Tomorrow there are 16 Daleks turning up. They send us lots of e-mails to check on things.

‘We need lots of water,’ they say. ‘We get terribly hot.’

We look around the press office. We have two empty bottles, one cup and access to a tap that no-one seems to trust.

We make a list of all the things we have been asked for. One of us drives out to find a supermarket and buys…..

Sixty bottles of water

Twelve cans of coke

Twelve cans of diet coke

Tea Bags


A Kettle

Two Mugs

Lots of fruit

A flower pot (because we couldn’t find a fruit bowl)

Lots of Nuts

A packet of oat cakes

Some Hummus and cheese

Some micro gauze tape

We then try and get these things back to the Press Office. We want to drive the car up as close as possible. We have a lot of water to carry. This involves lots of discussions with security. We produce lots of different passes.  There is a lot of head shaking. Traffic builds up behind us. We make some phone calls. We talk to lots of people. And finally, begrudgingly, they let us back in.

by Vicki


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