The day before the Gadget Show Live 2011

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It is the day before the Gadget Show Live 2011. The car is full of equipment. We squeeze ourselves in between the printers and suitcases – is this too much? Probably not, we will we be gone for seven days.

As we leave Brighton, the sun is shining. We are happy and excited. We have three hours of Motorway ahead of us. The NEC awaits.

The phones ring, a lot. The car is full of different conversations. Press want last minute passes, exhibitors want access to presenters, Daybreak want to film at 5.30 Wednesday morning.

‘Of course!,’ We say. ‘No problem!’

A little tired, with lovely Upper Street Events client and R2DT after Daybreak shoot, circa. 7am, 13 April

We arrive at the exhibition halls. They are buzzing with activity. Stands are being erected, carpets are being laid, kit is being wired in, screens are flickering to life wherever we look. Everywhere there are people; talking, walking, running.

We start to set up the press office. We talk to logistics.

‘Daybreak want to film at 5.30 Wednesday morning,’ we say.

‘Mmmmmmm.’ They say. ‘That will be a problem.’

We split up. Some of us continue with the press office. Some of us join the people running. We run to get keys and passes. We run between the organisers and security. And, when we finally get permission to open the halls three hours early on Wednesday morning, we run around speaking to the exhibitors – persuading them to join us on breakfast TV.

It is now after 10pm and the halls are closing. We haven’t eaten all day or had a cup of tea. There is cold pizza in the organiser’s office. We go back to the hotel, everyone is drinking and laughing. It is the start of the week, tomorrow is press day and we think we can already feel the scurvy setting in.

And the moral? We think there are two…

It IS possible to persuade security to open the halls early for Daybreak.

And always bring lots of fruit.

by Vicki

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